Interview Training and Practice


This is a full service interview coaching program ready to install on your company / school server, or on your hosting service. As a Career Center owner, you will have private administrator login credentials to provide your clients for their independent study on line. You control your client login and password, provide instructions on use and guidance.

Once provided login details, your client can access your Career Center account and proceed with the training materials.

What you will need :

Computers with Internet access and Adobe Reader installed (free program)
Headphones or earphones for computer
Ability to print documents
Paper, pens at workstation

We review and go over material more than once because we believe that practice makes perfect. The more often a tip, suggestion or example is given, the better the chances of learning how to interview. This will help clients gain an important skill, rather than hoping a quick review will be sufficient to go into an interview and come out with a job.

These materials are based on Carole Martin, The Interview Coach’s book,“Interview Fitness Training” in an easy to read and understand application online. Your client can spend as much time using the training application as you allow. You will have unlimited support. Carole Martin is America’s #1 Interview Coach, author and contributor for